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Tuesday, January 12th 2016 10:23 PM
 At least eight Germans were killed and nine seriously injured in a suicide bombing attack in Istanbul, German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier said on Tuesday, citing information he had received from Turkey. "It has been years since we were hit by terror as hard as we have been hit now in Istanbul," Steinmeier said.
Monday, January 11th 2016 10:46 PM
When Ukraine’s border defense forces look east and south, they see nothing but Russian trouble. Yet for one of the world’s most dangerous stretches of territory, the Ukrainians are woefully short of devices to spy on the other side to anticipate the next attack and spot intruders. Pockets of pro-Moscow separatists periodically
Monday, January 11th 2016 12:25 PM
Britain is bracing itself for an icy blast over the coming week when temperatures will plummet below freezing to bring snow and widespread frosts. The chill weather - the first wintry spell for many - will be a sharp change from the mild weather last month, the wettest on record and the warmest ever December, when temperatures averaged 7.9C
Saturday, January 9th 2016 07:13 PM
A Muslim woman was escorted from a Donald Trump rally after silently protesting the candidate's views on Islam and Syrian migrants. Rose Hadid attended the rally in Rock Hill, South Carolina, wearing a hijab and a yellow star, reminiscent of those worn by Jews in Nazi Germany, with "Muslim" written on it. The 56-year-old flight attendant was
Saturday, January 9th 2016 05:34 PM
German Chancellor Angela Merkel has proposed changes to make it easier to deport asylum-seekers who commit crimes, after the New Year's Eve sex attacks on women in Cologne.The attacks, which victims say were carried out by men of North African and Arab appearance, have called into question her open-door migrant policy.The police's handling of the
Friday, January 8th 2016 03:09 PM
Chinese shares have risen on the first day of trade since the lifting of a "circuit breaker" mechanism, which had been introduced to prevent sharp falls.Regulators stepped in after big losses in the mainland markets had led trade to be suspended early twice this week.The central bank also set the yuan guidance rate higher to calm markets.The share
Friday, January 8th 2016 02:11 PM
SACRAMENTO, California/WASHINGTON: Two men from the Middle East who came to the United States as refugees were arrested on federal terrorism charges in California and Texas for supporting Islamic militant groups, U.S. officials said Thursday. They are the latest in a series of similar cases in a U.S. campaign against extremism. Neither man was
Thursday, January 7th 2016 12:10 PM
Dutch authorities warned motorists in the north of the country not to take to the roads Wednesday as ice and freezing rain caused treacherous driving conditions. Dozens of accidents were reported. The government's roads and waterways agency tweeted that the northeastern half of the country was affected by ice. The agency's advice in a tweet was
Wednesday, January 6th 2016 06:48 PM
At least one US special forces soldier was reportedly killed and others were wounded in Afghanistan. The medical helicopter that came under to cue them came under fire. NBC reported on Tuesday that the helicopter flying to pick up wounded members of the US special forces, had gone down after being hit. However, it subsequently emerged that
Wednesday, January 6th 2016 01:18 PM
North Korea says it has successfully carried out an underground hydrogen bomb test which, if confirmed, would be its fourth nuclear test since 2006.The claim came after a 5.1 magnitude tremor was detected close to its nuclear test site at Punggye-ri, which monitors said was likely not natural.This is North Korea's first claim to have tested a
    Modern Yemen was established after a merge of two sovereign states- the Northern Yemen Arab Republic (North Yemen) and People Democratic Republic of Yemen
There is a lot more to make one confident about the Arab world than there is to cause despair. This may be a surprise, as every day we have to cope with more grim news; from Syria and Libya where
Extremism, especially violent extremism, is a scourge on the planet. Those who promote extremist ideologies or sponsor acts of violence in the name of Islam cannot be condoned or supported by anyone
The port of the most charming and enchanting city in Yemen- Aden- is one of the oldest and most ancient ports in the country. Its importance and strategic location contributed to its fame that can be
  Alas! I begin my speech with this word.,it reflects a deep sorrow in my heart. Innocent people were killed without remorse just because they wanted to help us! This is a Crime!! What happened
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