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Sunday, March 6th 2016 12:47 AM
local activists in Aden staged a protest on Saturday in Aden to demand the arrest of the perpetrators of the armed attack that killed 16 on Friday. The protest was staged in front of the main gate of the attacked elderly people's home and the participants raised banners calling for the need to investigate the incident and bring the perpetrators to
Sunday, March 6th 2016 12:19 AM
Unknown militants assassinated a district security official on Saturday evening along with one of his guards while they were in a car in Mansoura city of Aden. Eyewitnesses said that the car of colonel Salem Milkat was shot heavily by unknown gunmen while his car was near Caltex roundabout. Mansoura city of Aden has been witnessing a state of
Saturday, March 5th 2016 08:10 PM
Saudi Arabia's King Salman Centre for Relief and Humanitarian Aid and the Saudi Red Crescent Authority today signed an agreement with the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies to support the Yemen Red Crescent Society. According to the agreement, the Saudi relief centre will provide ambulances and support health centres
Friday, March 4th 2016 10:52 PM
Yemen's Vice President and Prime Minister, Khaled Bahah, has discussed with Mubarak Al Tamimi, Deputy Minister of Electricity, issues regarding electricity, and the problem of the deficit in the electricity generating capacity and how to address the increasing demand for power during the summer. According to the Official Yemeni News Agency,
Friday, March 4th 2016 02:00 PM
Militants attacked a nursing home in Sheikh Othman district of Aden on Friday which caused at least 12 patients, in addition to four Indian nurses and a Yemeni guard. Sources told YNN that four gunmen knocked on the door and told the guard they came to visit their mother and they opened fire on him at the moment he opened the door. "They opened
Friday, March 4th 2016 03:03 AM
The United Nations' aid chief Stephen O'Brien on Thursday warned countries not to take any steps that would reverse the recent increase in emergency aid for Yemen moving through ports in the conflict-torn country. Last month O'Brien said that a Saudi Arabian-led coalition and Houthi rebels fighting in Yemen were both restricting humanitarian aid
Thursday, March 3rd 2016 07:17 PM
Yemeni Prime Minister and Vice President, Khaled Bahah, ordered on Wednesday the local authorities in the temporary capital, Aden to tighten the security measures and restrict the movement of the ISIS-linked militants responsible for deadly attacks in the city. In a meeting with Aden's governor, the Security Director and the commander of 4th
Thursday, March 3rd 2016 03:36 PM
Egyptian foreign ministry spokesman, Ahmed Abu Zaid, in an exclusive interview with the "Sputnik" restated that his country's position on the crisis in Yemen, adding that in principle, "Egypt is a member in the Alliance and has participated and will continue to participate in the colation efforts to install legitimacy in Yemen. "  He
Thursday, March 3rd 2016 03:26 PM
President Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi issued a republican decree No. (35) for the year 2016 Article (1) Brigadier- General Shalal Ali Shaya to be promoted to the rank of major general Article (4) This decision from the date of issuance should be considered and shall be published in the Official papers President of the Republic issued on February 20th,
Thursday, March 3rd 2016 02:36 PM
leaders of the southern resistance, province of Aden, demanded from President Hadi to speed up the formation of a committee which aims at solving the problems of all the wounded both those who are at home and abroad. The request came through a letter signed by a group of resistance leaders asking the President to quickly solve the problems before
    Modern Yemen was established after a merge of two sovereign states- the Northern Yemen Arab Republic (North Yemen) and People Democratic Republic of Yemen
There is a lot more to make one confident about the Arab world than there is to cause despair. This may be a surprise, as every day we have to cope with more grim news; from Syria and Libya where
Extremism, especially violent extremism, is a scourge on the planet. Those who promote extremist ideologies or sponsor acts of violence in the name of Islam cannot be condoned or supported by anyone
The port of the most charming and enchanting city in Yemen- Aden- is one of the oldest and most ancient ports in the country. Its importance and strategic location contributed to its fame that can be
  Alas! I begin my speech with this word.,it reflects a deep sorrow in my heart. Innocent people were killed without remorse just because they wanted to help us! This is a Crime!! What happened
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