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Saturday, January 23rd 2016 06:21 PM

Who is behind Aden disorder?

Mohammed Bamatraf

Days after freeing Aden and the southern region of Yemen from the hands of the Houthis and the forces loyal to the now-ousted president, Ali Abdullah Saleh, assassinations, explosions and criminal acts prevailed in the troubled areas by the rebels' invasion that led to serious losses in lives and basic infrastructure, especially in the temporary capital of Yemen, Aden.

The unrest in Aden and the other freed areas of Yemen has appeared to happen in a systematic and organized way that highlights the possibility of the existence of influential bodies behind it. In other words, the extremist groups that claim responsibility for the assassination of senior government, security and military officials play as proxies for other influential bodies in or out of power.

Despite the security measures made by the government of Yemen to Aden, the assassinations have increased dramatically in a way that reflects the powerful intelligence, arming and experience of these groups. Systemization has not only become the most obvious feature of these attacks and assassinations against the Yemeni officials in Aden, but also the selection of the targeted officials by these groups explain their keenness to paralyze the government and the security authorities from reestablishing peace in Aden.

Ali Abdullah Saleh has a long history of allying with extremist groups against his political opponents. Between 1990 – 1994, Saleh used leaders of Al-Qaeda who came back from Afghanistan against his Socialist partners in the south, before he used them to eliminate some political and military figures who posed as potential threat to his regime.

Many analysts say that the movement of Al-Qaeda and ISIS militants in some freed areas of Yemen is just an attempt by Saleh and his ally, Al-Houthi, to prove that terrorism will be their substitute in the freed areas of Yemen.

As a matter of fact, the ousted president Saleh is the real leader of ISIS in Yemen. Despite the factual evidences and the many testimonies in this regard, the link between Saleh and ISIS can be figuratively proven through just pondering on the attacks and their timings.

When we go back to the bloody birth of ISIS in Yemen, we will find it linked to the attacks on the mosques in Sana'a, which was used by Saleh and his allies to mobilize people to widen their control southward under the pretext of "fighting against terrorism." Saleh really needed to kill tens of innocent people because he was aware that his military units will not be sufficient in his fight against President Hadi in the south, so that he resorted to mobilize illiterate fighters to his side, as well as using money to buy the conscience of others.

Ali Saleh is trying to convince us that the Sunni extremists, who are in contradiction with the Shiite Houthis, are spreading their terror among the almost pure Sunni community in Aden, while war is still taking place in many parts of Yemen against the Saleh and his Shiite allies.

On the other hand, the deposed president is foxy enough to kill innocent people from time to time through terrorist operations in the areas of his dominance in order to fuel the war, whether to spill more bloods of naïve fighters or to say that terrorism is also looming and targeting areas under his dominance.

The 33-year-old regime of Saleh has established a deep-rooted system of corruption in a country used to be run by gangsters.

The old fox is ready to waste the whole $ 60 billion dollars that he collected from the treasures of the Yemeni people on inciting violence and creating unrest in the freed areas of Yemen for hatred and his passion towards revenge.

Finally, the place of Ali Abdullah Saleh is not to be in a dialogue conference or peace talks in Geneva, but in a court to have a fair trial for what he has been doing against the Yemeni people.

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