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Thursday, February 11th 2016 11:24 PM

A Message To My Child, In Memory Of The Revolution In Yemen

Raghda Gamal

 My dear child,  Five years ago, in February 2011 to be exact, along with a huge crowd of young people, eager for a Yemen filled with goodness, justice and a secure future for you and the children of your generation, I headed to Sanaa University Square. I chanted with them at the top of my lungs, "The people want to bring down the regime." A regime that ravaged the country for 33 years. A regime that spread ignorance, poverty, corruption, nepotism, regionalism and racism. It is the regime that is currently lighting the fuse of sectarianism as I write this message to you.  When I chanted that slogan, you were all I was thinking of... I wanted the Yemen that you live in, to be different from the one I lived in. I wanted your education to be a different education and your life to be a different life. I wanted a position in life for you as a woman better than it is at the moment. My darling child, I wanted you to see the Yemen I dreamed of when I was young, and had never seen in the 25 years I had lived.  My darling child...  From the moment the spark of the revolution was ignited, I went regularly to the square. I entered with a heart filled with dreams for a country of rights and freedoms that would ensure a decent life just because you are a citizen belonging to it, regardless of your governorate, tribe, family or political inclinations. I used to meet friends there. I'll introduce you to some of them when we return home someday. I will tell you about others who were martyred for you, for your future. I will tell you about those like you, other children of this country who are filled with love, tolerance, coexistence and all noble human values. My heart beat fast as I listened to the song, "I am the rebel... I exist among the people of generosity and hospitality," which was frequently played on the stage in the square. I would try to take photographs to show to you and your brothers in the future.... To tell you that your mother was...‎‏

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