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Wednesday, February 24th 2016 10:55 PM

Yemen's humanitarian crisis must be ended

Mohammed Bamatraf

The Yemeni crisis has reached an unbearable situation as famine and thirst have become looming dangers threatening lives of millions of Yemenis.

The political sides in Yemen try to utilize the humanitarian crisis in their media, putting aside their responsibilities towards the serious humanitarian conditions that the Yemenis have been passing through. In fact, both of the legitimate government and rebels have mutual crimes against the Yemenis who have been dying either by live ammunition or hunger.

The rebels throw the accusations on the "Saudi aggression," forgetting the fact that their risky adventures and greed to swallow Yemen were the main cause of the war. The militias that occupy large parts of Yemen must end the siege on Taiz as soon as possible, as well as food and medical aid must flow to the city with no restrictions, in application to the UN Security Council's resolution 2216 that stressed the importance of letting in the humanitarian aids into the conflict areas.

On the other hand, the internationally-recognized government of Yemen has not pursued to lessen the Yemeni people's suffering as should be, even through providing the monthly pensions of large sectors of people under the pretext of the unavailability of Yemeni currency in central bank's branch in Aden, which has contributed significantly to the deterioration of the humanitarian situation in the areas within the government’s control.

Whilst the Arab Coalition struggles to push back the rebels, another struggle of humanitarian work and rehabilitation is taken in the freed areas from the hands of pro-Saleh and Houthi militias. Saudi Arabia, UAE and many Arab countries have white hands and stances that owe nothing but praise.

As the conflict ends in one area, urgent operations of reconstruction must start. Hundreds of people in Aden have become with no shelter when their homes were destroyed during the invasion of pro-Saleh and Houthi militias. Aden is one city out of many other cities affected by the conflict.

Despite the fact that the conflict in Aden and some southern areas has ended, but the effects are deep and expected to remain for a long time, whether on the infrastructure or the human levels. Therefore, a strategy must be developed to restore the damages made to the infrastructure, economy, and human power as basic elements for a stable country for a stable region.

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