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13 Egyptian sailors freed after detention at Houthi-controlled port in Yemen

The Cairo Post Thursday, February 25th 2016 11:20 PM

A total of 13 Egyptian sailors who were detained at the Houthi controlled- Al Hudaydah port in Yemen after their ship hit the dock, Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced in a Thursday statement on its Facebook page.

The statement highlighted effort exerted by the Egyptian Embassy in Yemen to release the sailors and re-assure they are safe as they were arrested in an area close to zones where military operation carried out against Houthi militants.

The sailors release comes as part of efforts by the consulate sector at the ministry to evacuate Egyptian nationals stranded or detained in Yemen amid deteriorated political and security circumstances in the country, according to the statement.

After they were released, the sailors boarded Wednesday a ship that belongs to the World Food Program en-route to Djibouti, the statement said, adding authorities coordinated with Egyptian embassies in Yemen and Djibouti to make sure the sailors travel back to Cairo safely.

In August 2015, the Al Hudaydah port was bombed the Saudi-led coalition over allegedly housing a hostile naval base; a claim was denied by humanitarian aid organizations. The coalition includes some nine Arab states and has carried out airstrikes against Iranian-backed Shiite militants that have controlled wide swaths; the military operation was called “Decisive Storm.”

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