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Yemen's Vice President orders to tighten security measures in Aden

YNN Thursday, March 3rd 2016 07:17 PM

Yemeni Prime Minister and Vice President, Khaled Bahah, ordered on Wednesday the local authorities in the temporary capital, Aden to tighten the security measures and restrict the movement of the ISIS-linked militants responsible for deadly attacks in the city.

In a meeting with Aden's governor, the Security Director and the commander of 4th Military Region, Bahah discussed the security plans to restore stability and security to the city.

The official news agency quoted Bahah as ordering senior officials in the city to deal “firmly” with local militias that thrived in the city during Al Houthis’ occupation of the city.

Aden has been witnessing a state of loose security and spread of local militants. Attacks and assassinations have been conducted against security, military and social figures despite declaring security plans in the city previously.

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