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UAE Red Crescent: Achievements speak louder than words

YNN Saturday, April 9th 2016 10:44 PM

Throughout the 1-year-long conflict in Yemen, the UAE Red Crescent has been the greatest aide to lessen the war's impacts on the Yemeni people, especially in the freed territories, in an attempt to heal the deep wounds that have been caused by rebels to take control over all Yemen.

Since the very first military operations against the rebels, the UAE Red Crescent rolled the sleeves up to perform a humanitarian mission within the areas affected by the war, along with a very little humanitarian organizations worked at that time. Packages of food, worth millions of US dollars, were distributed to every single home in Aden and the freed areas, a thing that saved thousands of families from the claws of starvation.

Starvation itself was not the only thing that the UAE Red Crescent saved thousands of Yemenis from, but also thirst. The disastrous war has caused a lot of damages in the sector of water and its extensions to many liberated areas of Yemen, leading decent Yemeni families to go to remote areas to bring water to their homes, which caused a humanitarian crisis.

The most significant evidence of the UAE humanitarian achievements was repairing the conflict-affected 5 million-gallon capacity water tank, located in Al Barzakh area of Aden, in addition to laying new water pipe extensions to Amran and Fuqum areas.

As a result of the inability of the people of Aden to pay the water pills throughout and after the conflict, the Water Establishment was not able to pay the salaries of its employees, which pushed the UAE Red Crescent to cover this defect and pay the salaries of the Water Establishment's employees in humanitarian step that saved hundreds of the Establishment's families from hunger and tens of thousands of Aden's families from thirst.

The achievements of the UAE Red Crescent in the water sector have exceeded to promoting the potentials of the Water Establishment through providing 50 water pumps, 1 MW generator and 14 (20-100 KV) generators to the Aden's Water Establishment, which has significantly promoted the water supplies in Aden.

The sewage overflow in the streets and neighborhoods of Aden was also responded by the Red Crescent as dangerous illnesses, including dengue, became very common in Aden. In this regard, the UAE Red Crescent provided 6 pumps to help push away the sewage to its proper place.

The UAE Red Crescent's achievements in Aden has contributed to restoring the normal life after the destructive war that had paralyzed everything in Aden, and had frozen the life's vein; namely water.

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