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ٍSouthern Yemeni tribes condemn killing of 20 soldiers

YNN Sunday, April 10th 2016 08:32 PM

Alawazl Tribes Coalition in Abyan denounced on Saturday what it was described as "Ahwar massacre" that claimed the lives of killing about 20 soldiers were killed by an armed group.

Alawazl tribes are considered ones of the strongest tribes of southern Yemen.

The tribes expressed in the statement that was obtained by YNN that they have rejected terrorism and fought against as early as in 2012, when the tribes fought against the emirate established by the Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula.

"This heinous crime committed against military personnel, were on their way to receive their salaries which were stopped the coup in Sana'a authorities since March 2015, calls Abyan's tribes to hunt down the killers to bring them to justice, in order to receive their deterrent reward to be an example to the outlaws." The statement explained.

In their joint statement, the southern tribes accused the political forces in Sana'a of supporting the terrorists in the south, calling President Hadi and the Saudi-led military Coalition to support the south's tribes against the outlaws and terrorists.

In the early hours of last Saturday, unknow militants kidnapped 20 unarmed Yemeni army soldiers were on their way to Al-Mahra province, eastern Yemen, to receive their salaries.

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