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Tuesday, April 19th 2016 04:26 AM
  King Salman Bin Abdelaziz of Saudi Arabia’s visit to Egypt, which started on April 7, 2016, carried particular importance for a number of reasons. First, it coincided with the rising threats faced by countries in the Middle East. These threats come from various sources, whether it’s the increased involvement of regional powers
Friday, March 11th 2016 11:23 PM
U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry has landed at a sprawling military facility on northeastern Saudi Arabia where the kingdom just finished a three-week-long counter-terrorism drill in a show of force against its foes. Kerry landed Friday at the King Khalid Military City near the town of Hafr al-Batin in the desert, south of the Iraqi and Kuwaiti
Thursday, March 10th 2016 01:01 AM
Seven Yemenis were released in exchange for Saudi Cpl Jaber al-Kaabi, according to the official Saudi Press Agency. The coalition said the swap was part of a deal brokered by Yemeni tribal leaders and included a "state of calm" along the Saudi-Yemeni border. The deal is one of the most hopeful signs yet to emerge from the conflict, which has
Monday, March 7th 2016 10:03 PM
Secretary-General of the Gulf Cooperation Council, Abdullatif Al Zayani, and the UN's Special Envoy to Yemen, Ismail Ould Cheikh Ahmed, on Monday discussed developments in Yemen. They discussed the efforts to resume political talks between Yemeni parties to restore security and peace in the country based on the UN Security Council Resolution 2216,
Sunday, March 6th 2016 09:09 AM
 total of 135 people were killed in the first week of a fragile truce in Syria in areas covered by the cessation of hostilities agreement, according to a monitoring group. The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) said on Saturday that at least 45 "rebel and Islamic" fighters were among the dead, and 32 civilians including
Wednesday, March 2nd 2016 08:39 PM
The Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) considered on Wednesday the Lebanese "Hezbollah," and all its leaders, factions and the organizations affiliated to it, a terrorist organization. The Secretary-General of the GCC Abdul Latif bin Rashid Al Zayani said that the GCC countries have taken this decision because of the continued "hostile acts carried
Wednesday, March 2nd 2016 02:19 AM
  The United Arab Emirates generated international headlines on Feb. 11 when it appointed ministers of happiness, tolerance and youth, a significant restructuring of federal government positions in this federation of seven emirates. Analysts that delved deeper into the shakeup also deemed it a cost-cutting exercise that reduced the overall
Thursday, February 25th 2016 11:20 PM
A total of 13 Egyptian sailors who were detained at the Houthi controlled- Al Hudaydah port in Yemen after their ship hit the dock, Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced in a Thursday statement on its Facebook page. The statement highlighted effort exerted by the Egyptian Embassy in Yemen to release the sailors and re-assure they are
Wednesday, February 24th 2016 06:18 PM
After three days of heated discussions on the crisis in the war torn country, the Yemen Humanitarian Crisis conference concluded on Wednesday with pledges of at least $247 million in aid and increased relief efforts. Dignitaries from the governments of Qatar and Yemen, as well as representatives of various regional and international aid
Monday, February 22nd 2016 06:51 PM
The Consultant at the Royal Court and General Supervisor for Riyadh-based King Salman Center for Relief and Humanitarian Works Dr. Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al-Rabee'a co-signed here today with a senior official of a specialized company a contract to build highly-equipped 300 accommodation units for Yemeni displaced in Djibouti. In a press statement,
    Modern Yemen was established after a merge of two sovereign states- the Northern Yemen Arab Republic (North Yemen) and People Democratic Republic of Yemen
There is a lot more to make one confident about the Arab world than there is to cause despair. This may be a surprise, as every day we have to cope with more grim news; from Syria and Libya where
Extremism, especially violent extremism, is a scourge on the planet. Those who promote extremist ideologies or sponsor acts of violence in the name of Islam cannot be condoned or supported by anyone
The port of the most charming and enchanting city in Yemen- Aden- is one of the oldest and most ancient ports in the country. Its importance and strategic location contributed to its fame that can be
  Alas! I begin my speech with this word.,it reflects a deep sorrow in my heart. Innocent people were killed without remorse just because they wanted to help us! This is a Crime!! What happened
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