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Tuesday, May 31st 2016 08:21 PM
Students of the Faculty of Medicine in the University of Aden have launched a campaign on Tuesday aiming to fight tobacco smoking. The campaign is parallel to other campaigns staged worldwide as part of the World No Tobacco Day that takes place on the 31st of May of every year. The students distributed brochures and posters warning of the
Tuesday, May 10th 2016 09:39 PM
Yemen's Houthi fighters have denied reports that warring parties have reached a preliminary agreement on Tuesday to release all prisoners beginning within 20 days. The Iran-allied Houthis and Yemen's Saudi-backed exile government are trying to reach a peace agreement in talks in Kuwait aimed at ending a year-long war and easing a humanitarian
Saturday, May 7th 2016 09:25 PM
For the first time, the Pentagon on Friday acknowledged publicly that the U.S. military is operating on the ground in Yemen. Navy Capt. Jeff Davis, a Pentagon spokesman, said that a small number of American military personnel are in Yemen "providing limited support" to the Yemeni government and Arab coalition battling al Qaeda in the Arabian
Thursday, May 5th 2016 10:42 AM
  He was making his way down the hallway with one of his aides, both exchanging light chatter as they walked briskly. Then the aide’s phone pinged, it was his wife. “Is it true?” she asked “Is what true?!!” the aide asked back “Hadi just issued a decree. He’s dismissing Bahah of his
Monday, May 2nd 2016 10:17 PM
  As the "Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant" (ISIL) comes under fire in Iraq and Syria and its fighters desert in increasing numbers, the group is turning its attention to women to help it shore up its ranks, experts tell Al-Shorfa.   ISIL has been amplifying its efforts to reach out to women via social media and seeks to exploit them
Monday, May 2nd 2016 12:25 AM
  Indirect negotiations will continue between Yemen's warring parties but direct talks have been suspended over alleged ceasefire violations     Yemen's government suspended on Sunday its participation in "direct" talks with the Houthi rebels in protest at their takeover of a military base in the war-torn country despite a
Saturday, April 30th 2016 12:31 AM
N Rich in natural resources and famed for its artistic traditions, Yemen is now a center of international concern. Since conflicts erupted in March 2015, nearly 3,000 civilians have died, and Yemen’s cultural heritage has been irreparably damaged. Under the sponsorship of the United Nations Organization for Education, Science and Culture
Tuesday, April 26th 2016 11:30 AM
  KUWAIT/ADEN: Yemen’s government forces battled Al-Qaeda in the country’s south on Saturday, aiming to push back advances the militant group has made during a yearlong civil war for which peace talks are under way in Kuwait.Fifteen fighters loyal to Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) were killed in the clashes, residents
Friday, April 22nd 2016 11:08 PM
The United Nations envoy overseeing Yemen's peace talks said Friday that negotiations would go on, with both sides seeking an end to the fighting. Ismail Ould Cheikh Ahmed also said there was no plan to move the talks, which were held Thursday and Friday in Kuwait City's Bayan Palace, to Saudi Arabia or elsewhere. He said the talks would become
Friday, April 22nd 2016 05:51 AM
  Negotiations to end the war in Yemen slated to begin Monday in Kuwait have been delayed. Will the third time be a charm or yet another flop? The first two attempts failed abysmally, because none of the parties involved were willing to accept anything other than total military victory. This time, things could be different. Though a potential
    Modern Yemen was established after a merge of two sovereign states- the Northern Yemen Arab Republic (North Yemen) and People Democratic Republic of Yemen
There is a lot more to make one confident about the Arab world than there is to cause despair. This may be a surprise, as every day we have to cope with more grim news; from Syria and Libya where
Extremism, especially violent extremism, is a scourge on the planet. Those who promote extremist ideologies or sponsor acts of violence in the name of Islam cannot be condoned or supported by anyone
The port of the most charming and enchanting city in Yemen- Aden- is one of the oldest and most ancient ports in the country. Its importance and strategic location contributed to its fame that can be
  Alas! I begin my speech with this word.,it reflects a deep sorrow in my heart. Innocent people were killed without remorse just because they wanted to help us! This is a Crime!! What happened
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